About Us

Alpha & Omega Cleaning Services (NSW) Pty Ltd is a family owned business that has been operating since 2001.

Alpha & Omega Cleaning Services specializes in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Construction Clean, Carpet cleaning, Floor maintenance / restoration, Window Cleaning and Upholstery cleaning.

Our services span the Sydney metropolitan area as well as the surrounding areas of Newcastle & Wollongong. Some of our clients include Dilorenzo Ceramics, Kanes Hire, Ted Noff Foundation, Sentry Medical Centre, City Living, APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) Masterton Homes and many more.

With many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we take great pride in our work and are determined to satisfy our client’s needs. Our guarantee is to provide our clients with not only the desired result, but with service to match.

Our work is constantly monitored to maintain our brand and reputation.

We have also expanded our company to include supplies as part of our drive to grow with our clients, namely Alpha & Omega Cleaning Supplies (NSW) Pty Ltd.

We have developed specialized cleaning machinery & equipment, through years of research & experience in the cleaning industry, in which we have acquired in our trademark of AOCS.

Furthermore we supply environmentally friendly chemical products and solutions as well as cleaning tools, accessories and an array of paper products.

This enables us to provide our clients with the complete service experience.

Alpha & Omega’s goal is to develop a long term relationship with our clients. Our teams are professionally trained, fully insured and fully equipped.

Together we look forward to building and maintaining both a business and personal relationship with our clients, whilst growing towards the future.

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