Brilliance Sealer – Sealer Finish

Brilliance® Sealer/Finish is a new generation, one-step, high gloss polish that provides an amazing “wet look” finish for use on most hard floor surfaces including: terrazzo, vinyl tiles, granite, vinyl sheeting, tiles and slate.

Brilliance® has improved scuff resistance and even higher gloss levels. You will see an improvement in the durability and life span of the floor. By any measure Brilliance® is one of the best floor polishes on the market.
Brilliance® is available in 5L bottles.
Slip resistant rating D1 classification as per AS4586:2013

• Reduces scuffing on floors
• Extended ware life
• Ultra high gloss levels
• Fast drying and extremely durable
• Leaves a deep, clear finish Non yellowing-resists discoloration
• Excellent levelling properties