ENVIRO CLEANER – Multipurpose Cleaner

Item Code: CH-142001
1 Litre

Item Code: CH-142005
Size: 5 Litre

Item Code: CH-142020
Size: 20 Litre

ENVIRO NEUTRAL is made from highly biodegradable materials and it is environmentally and user- friendly.
ENVIRO NEUTRAL is a concentrated multipurpose, Neutral Detergent for general cleaning and it is pH Neutral.
ENVIRO NEUTRAL can be safely used on all surfaces as a spray & Wipe or mopping of floors like marble, tarrazzo, granite, slate, vinyl, wood floor.
ENVIRO NEUTRAL’S unique formula is gentle on all surfaces and floors thats polished or sealed.
ENVIRO NEUTRAL will put the sparkle back in to your floors. This gentle formula on the other hand is very good high performance cleaner for heavy jobs like shopping centers and supermarkets etc.
ENVIRO NEUTRAL is rinse free, anti-slip formula, that can be used with hot or cold water and has a very fresh and pleasant fragrance.