EZ2000 – Concrete Sealer

Item Code: CH-1EZ2000C1
5 Litre

EZ-2000 Clear offers excellent resistance to wear and tire marking making it ideal for heavy traffic warehouses and factories. The product is based upon an advanced acrylic and urethane polymer blend that offers excellent durability, and exceeds chemical and stain resistance properties of many solvent-borne products.
EZ-2000 Clear is designed to be used as part of a system for finishing concrete floors that offers durability, simplified preparation, simplified application and reliable bonding to concrete surfaces.
EZ-2000 is easy to apply with a lambs wool applicator, finish mop or tank applicator. The product dries fast in order to minimize downtimes.
EZ-2000 is pre-measured for safe and simple manual mixing of the components. The Product is non-flammable and virtually odour free.