Recolor, Seal & Rejuvenate Grout
Grout Colorant is an easy-to-use waterborne epoxy that recolours, seals and rejuvenates existing grout joints. Formulated to provide maximum stain protection. Change the appearance and colour of your faded, stained or patchy grout with 20 colours to choose from. Also simplifies ongoing grout cleaning.

Grout Colorant Key Features:

Durable epoxy formula
Safe, easy to use water based, low VOC formula
Maximum stain resistance
Now with built in Microban® – Cured Sealant is Mould & Mildew resistant
Lasts up to 15 years
For use on:

Sanded, unsanded and epoxy grout joints. Effective for interior and exterior applications. Suitable for new or existing grout


Grout Colorant is not recommended for use underwater in pools, ponds, or on areas subject to hydrostatic pressure
Do not use solvent-based cleaners on recolored grout joints
Previously applied sealers, with the exception of Aqua Mix® Penetrating Sealer, Aqua Mix® Grout Sealer, Aqua Mix® Pro-Solv, Aqua Mix® Ultra-Solv® or Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold, must be removed to provide a bondable surface. Aqua Mix® Sealer & Coating Remover is recommended for this procedure
Porous tile may require sealing to ensure colorant is not absorbed into the tile

General Surface Prep:

Test a small area according to application instructions, with a minimum 1-hour cure time to determine desired results.

Application Method:

USE CHEMICAL-RESISTANT GLOVES, such as nitrile, when handling product. Read entire label before using. SHAKE WELL before using. For new installations, Grout Colorant can be applied a minimum of 48 hours after grouting depending on jobsite conditions and ambient temperature. Grout joints must be clean, dry and free of existing sealers or coatings.

Prepare existing grout joints:

MOST TILE & STONE: Use Aqua Mix® Phosphoric Acid Substitute.
EPOXY OR URETHANE GROUT JOINTS: Use Aqua Mix® Sealer & Coating Remover.
If more than 1 bottle of a single color is to be used, mix the material together in a large container to ensure uniformity of color. Spread evenly using the Applicator Brush or toothbrush, working Grout Colorant into joint using a back-and-forth motion. Thin, even coats should be applied, limiting the amount of Grout Colorant that gets on the tile. If going from a dark to light grout color, more than 1 application may be necessary with a minimum 2-hours drying time between coats. After Grout Colorant has dried 1 or more hours (never more than 12 hours), lightly mist surface with water and let stand 5 minutes. Remove excess Grout Colorant from surface of tile using water and a white nylon scrub pad.

Drying Time:

Ready for surface traffic in 2 hours.
Keep area dry for at least 24 hours.
Avoid direct scrubbing on grout joints for 20 days to allow a full cure.
Cleaning of equipment:

Clean tools with water and soap before material dries