We’ve been asked to produce the fastest drying window cleaner so that you can speed up the task of cleaning windows, shiny painted, laminated and chrome surfaces. Normal window cleaners take so long to dry, you have to wait. Time costs money.Streaks and smears are another complaint, so too are the problems of strong ammonia and sour chemical smells. HALO (FAST DRY) doesn’t have any of these complaints – yet it cuts through grease, nicotine and food based spills in a flash.NO RESIDUESurfaces cleaned with HALO (FAST DRY) stay cleaner longer and reduce static cling because there is no residue to attract dirt and dust. You will get crystal clear “HALO” results every time.SAFE ON TINTED GLASSBecause HALO (FAST DRY) is ammonia free it’s perfectly safe on tinted glass or film, even in the car. It’s ideal for sensitive equipment like computers, X Rays, Navigation and TV & Stereo plastics. Fine optical and medical equipment can safely be cleaned with HALO (FAST DRY).