PRE WASH PLUS – Pre Spray & Stain Remover

Item Code: CH-214001
1 Litre

Item Code: CH-124005
Size: 5 Litre

Item Code: CH-124020
Size: 20 Litre

PRE-WASH Plus is the latest design in laundry technology, an innovative super concentrate Laundry Pre Wash Additive / Pre Spray all in one.
PRE-WASH Plus with a fast acting, colour safe formula that targets stubborn stains and leaves your clothes totally clean in every aspect.
PRE-WASH Plus is praised and widely used by the Commercial Laundries especially by those do restaurant work, like chefs uniforms, restaurant table cloths etc
PRE-WASH Plus is cost effective, safe on colour fabrics and the environment.
PRE-WASH Plus can be used in both commercial and household laundries and it is safe to use in conjunction with a septic system.