PREIMER – High Performance Floor Finish

Item Code: CH-1PREM1
5 Litre

Item Code:CH-1PREM5
Size:20 Litre

PREMIER is based upon the most advanced thermoplastic polymer technology that combines gloss with wear properties that go beyond conventional finishes. PREMIER offers the highest durability in a floor finish with exceptional resistance to scuffing and black heel marking.
The brilliant, crystal clear gloss provided by PREMIER is enhanced with optical brighteners. The optical brighteners absorb non-visiable ligh and re-emit it as a visible light, enhancing the brilliance of the finish. Multiple coats of PREMIER can be applied quickly to achieve maximum gloss.
PREMIER is a low maintenance finish that is normally not high speed burnished. It is ideal for accounts that maintain floors with simple daily cleaning and periodic recoating. The durability of PREMIER allows the finish to retain gloss longer than other finishes with minimal maintenance. PREMIER can also be spray buffed with a low speed machine.