Item Code: CH-1PRIME
20 Litre

PRIME SHINE ULTRA was designed specifically for use iwth ultra high speed burnishing equipment. The product quickly snaps back to a deep, lustrous shine without the need for a restorer.
PRIME SHINE ULTRA was developed for commercial / retail floors that demand a clear, high gloss wet look appearance when UHS burnished on a frequent basis.
PRIME SHINE ULTRA has a sparkling clarity that does not haze over time. The more PRIME SHINE ULTRA is burnished , the higher the gloos and the product does not swirl or scratch when burnished like softer high speed products.
PRIME SHINE ULTRA outwears and outshines softer products that scruff, mark and loose gloss rapidly, yet scratches, and scuffs disappear after burnishing without the use of a restorer.
PRIME SHINE ULTRA offers superior burnish response, repairability, scuff and mark resistance to enhance labor productivity and keep floors looking good day after day.